Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What are we doing?

Well, you have found us. However you ran across our blog, let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Stephen and Virginie Closson, and we love to run. Running started out as a means to spend time together, and continues to be one of our favorite past times, but when we finished the canadian death race last year, we accomplished something that we realized was much greater than ourselves. We believe in God, and we both felt his help when we participated in that experience.

So what are we doing now?

Well, it took about 3 weeks to go from "I'm never doing that again" to "maybe that was not so bad?". I guess the rest is history. Late last year (2013) we decided to do a fundraiser for muscular dystrophy canada. Virginie has two brothers who passed away from the effects of duchene muscular dystrophy. We thought we could do our part by sharing our running experiences, and trying to raise money for a cause which has been such a big part of our family.

To that end: Virginie and I are going to run the Sinister 7 Ultra this summer in support of raising awareness and funds for a cure for neuromuscular disorders. We'll post updates on our training, as well as any other thoughts including many lessons learned here on our blog. We hope to see you back here often. Our 100 mile trek is just starting!

To hear the theme song for our fundraiser or donate, check out our fundraiser webpage.

All the best,
Stephen and Virginie

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