Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring morning companions!

Tuesday morning with a little more sleep in us, life was a little easier to handle. The weather was warmer, only in the single below zero digits. My two younger children Baden and Mimi agreed to accompany me (riding their bikes) on my run since they were on Spring Break. The run was fun! I remembered that I enjoyed running because it made me feel good and it encouraged me to go outside, into sun and fresh air. I tried to stick to quieter roads so we wouldn't be hassled by cars or intersections. We ran up old Fort Road, past the Alberta Hospital and down Lehi's Lane. (It's not really named that, it's the road I was running on the morning my brother Lehi passed away. He was finally free from the body that had imprisoned him for over 20 years with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Before returning home to his Heavenly Father he had announced that he was planning on running a marathon around the universe before settling down to whatever work they do up there.)  But with the construction of the Anthony Henday, (the highway that skirts around the city and promises to cut travel time by quite a bit) there's definitely an increase of traffic trying to dodge all the roadblocks.

 The first part of the run was basically a long interval! Baden was leading the way with Mimi staying right behind me. They were pushing me to sustain a 5 minute/km! This was great training for me as I hadn't run in a week but I wasn't sure how long I could keep up this pace! From our house, down to the end of Lehi's Lane which meets at the highway was about 8 km. Mimi was starting to struggle and her pace was slowing drastically. I'm not sure at what point I realized that it was no longer a matter of training and simply getting home but I didn't want Mimi to stop having fun and never wanting to join me again. I loved their company so much! I offered to have her take breaks and walk for a bit but she seemed just as content to go off to her own little world. From a distance I could see her adorable animated face and her lips jabbering away. Baden and I would run ahead and then circle back to round her up. The sun and warmth was so enjoyable, I really wasn't in a hurry to head back home anyway. 

In the end, we had covered over 17 km! That's a pretty big distance for a little girl who hasn't trained all winter! What a heart she has! Baden wasn't phased at all and I knew he could probably have done double without blinking an eye! 

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