Friday, June 27, 2014

The storm before the calm

When Virginie and I first moved to Edmonton we visited the West Edmonton Mall to look around and get a feel for getting around in it. While there, we were admiring the paintings in one of art stores. There was one in particular that caught my eye. It showed a dimly lit wetland area surrounded by a shadowy boreal forest. In the foreground a nervous elk cast his eyes heaven ward, there to see a looming black sky. The elks mouth opened perhaps announcing it's warning to nearby friends to seek shelter right away. I was enthralled. I could feel the electricity in the sky. I could feel the cool breeze shoving it's way through the heavy moist air. I could hear to unnerving rumble of approaching thunder.

Virginie and I have often talked about that picture. As avid storm lovers, we both would love having a chance to go to the central States, and have a shot at seeing a real tornado. For now though, it's the storm before the calm for me. All of those questions that naturally pop up prior to a big race.

- Did I train hard enough?
- Will everything go okay?
- Will it be hot? (I'm hoping for cooler)

It's the storm before the calm. Frankly, when I line up and the gun goes off, my energy can finally be directed. Then I feel calm and free. The excitement of race day is contagious. If you can, come out to the crowsnest pass and see for yourself. There is a magical energy.

Really, it's all tapering from here. I'll do a half marathon tomorrow, then intervals Saturday morning. Then next week, only enough to keep me from going stir crazy :) I'm not sure what that will be, I am planning on listening to my body.

Last year at the Death Race, Virginie and I set expectations as: Enjoy the journey, don't go for the finish line. The strategy seemed to work well for us. We did not want to loose the focus that if we stressed about the finish line, we would miss all that happened in between.

As I look at the weather report, it keeps bouncing between hot and cool for race day. Hopefully it will be cool. It's what I am trained up for.

I want Lehi and Mathoni, my brothers in law that have passed away from duchenne muscular dystrophy, to know that I love them. Oh, how grateful I am that you are in a better place. How I hope for Cedric, for Shad, for Nicholas and Benson, even for the healthy Elijah, because he will take on the role of the caretaker older brother, for Spencer, because he's is the protector older brother, and for Sam, dear Sam. If there ever was an older brother to be proud of, who quietly helped, hoped, loved, and protected unconditionally, it is you my friend. I hope that with all of the wonderful technology that we have  been blessed with in this day and age, that my offering, how big or small will provide some hope to you, and to your families. I've said it a lot in my blog before, but I know that things will get better. We will have good times and bad times, but as assuredly as the sun sets, and then rises again, so will new hope, new treatments, and new technology. I hope the best of these will find you.

When we love someone, anything is possible

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