Thursday, May 15, 2014

Speedwork and friends

Yesterday I did to 12k runs to the office and back home again. Tuesday is usually our interval day. I have a love-hate relationship with interval training. I live the results, but they don't come right away, and it hurts to get your heart rate up that high. On the other hand, sometimes I get into the zone and feel the "flow", at least that's the term Virginie learned in University to describe that feeling of euphoria and connectedness with ones body that happens, but sometime not so frequently for me. On my way to work, I ran to work to get there. I tried to keep an aggressive pace, but found myself often stopping to catch my breath. I did not time myself either. Lately, I've not been timing myself at all. For one thing, I have the GPS watch to Virginie. I miss is a little bit, but not that much. The way I see it, the watch can tell you when you need to pick up the pace, but can also tell you when you are going to fast. If I have no running watch with me, I am forced to run by feel. I find this helps me. I tend to run faster than I think I am. Still, this morning in particular, I was struggling for breath. In contrast on the way home I felt great. There was definitely some "flow" felt then. I was light on my feet, moving fast, and even though out of breath, able to sustain the pace for substantially longer.
I'll be doing some strength training tonight and 15k tomorrow morning. Best pace as possible. When I cannot hold the pace any longer, I'll take two minutes to recuperate, and then try to match the pace again for as long as possible. This type of training helps with the lactate threshold. As I understand it, it's that area between aerobic and anaerobic activity. The higher the anaerobic threshold, the faster I can run on just fat metabolism. This is a pretty basic way of looking at it, but it's worked for me.
Likely 10k on Friday night and 45 to 50 on Saturday morning. I think we'll be well prepared. Well do the Sinister Seven training camp in early July, and two weeks later River Valley Revenge 100k. Two weeks later, race day!

If you have not had a chance to support our cause for Muscular Dystrophy, please visit our fund raising site and donate. Perhaps we can have some of these wonderful boys running with us eventually.

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